Our Mission:



It is clear that our community needs no-cost or truly affordable spay and neuter to prevent dog and cat animal overpopulation humanely.


At the present time, more than 13,000 domestic and wild animals are euthanized on the island of Hawai‘i each year.  Thousands more are abandoned, lost or feral.


Hui Pono Holoholona is aloha.  The heart of HPH will integrate a response to this situation with programs to connect humans and animals for purposes of educating the general pubic on the need to humanely stop animal overpopulation through animal sterilization, furthering additional education on proper animal care, the importance of responsible companionship, and ownership through kindness and respect.


HPH will pursue outreach to other organizations already involved in responding to the needs of animals.  Humane Society organizations, kennel clubs, animal breeders, and other organizations will be encouraged to work cooperatively to share in creating a better world for all living creatures and to encourage people to sterilize their companion animals.


HPH will reach out to help individual members that are feeding and caring for cat colonies on a case-by-case basis by getting their cat populations sterilized.


Our mission continues—given the scale of the need, HPH will work with tourist businesses and hotels in resort areas to encourage and assist with construction of “kitty hotels,” using TNR methods.


HPH will work towards having every domestic animal live in a healthy, loving environment, significantly reducing the overpopulation of domestic animals, and making the island of Hawai‘i a model for humane animal care.  The spirit of aloha will perpetuate.


Fundraising, grants, donations of monies, time and food are an integral part of the success of Hui Pono Holoholona.  With the growth of membership and the increase of financial support, we can do all that is needed to achieve a better and kinder society for the animals and our island people.


HPH will host annual or semiannual events to bring donors together and will conduct additional fundraising events throughout the year such as garage sales, music, fairs, or other types of festivals, benefits and silent auctions.


Additional island fundraising will be pursued through direct mail materials providing education, information on spay/neuter programs, and request for financial support.